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Your Tailored Bariatric Surgery Plan

Perth Bariatric Surgery specialises in personalised treatment plans.

There are many surgical weight loss options available, and you may be keen on a specific type. Perhaps you have already witnessed some of the amazing results from some of our inspiring patients?

But truth be told, each surgery is different, and no one size fits all – because we are all individually different. Perth Bariatric Surgery specialises in a patient-centred approach that allows you to achieve weight loss success by tailoring the right procedures that suits your unique individual needs.

Let’s get started with your personalised treatment plan for a happier and healthier future.


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Clinic Assessment

At this first consultation Dr Andrew Kiyingi will discuss your medical history and weight. He will also discuss the weight procedures and options available to you. Your questions will be answered and Dr Kiyingi will guide you through an individual treatment plan.


Team Assessment

The other team members at Perth Bariatric Surgery will meet and support you. They include the Bariatric Physician, Bariatric Dietitian Bariatric Anaethetist and Weight loss psychologist. This each will perform an assessment and provide you with valuable information, tools to prepare you for safe and successful surgery.



Surgery is not the easy way out and can be a big and stressful decision. Rest assured that our meticulous preparation and planning is reflected in surgical excellence. Depending on the type and complexity of your surgery most patients should expect to stay in hospital 2-3 nights and return to work within 2-4weeks.


Surgery After Care

Perth Bariatric Surgery takes pride and a supportive integrated aftercare programme. Dr Andrew Kiyingi will review you each day you are in hospital and provide you with discharge instructions. This will be followed by a comprehensive clinic follow up schedule including appointments with Dr Andrew Kiyingi and rest of his team.

Weight Loss Surgery Guide

Download our guide to weight loss surgery

Your BMI

Your BMI is

18.5 to 24.9

You have a healthy weight range for young and middle-aged adults.

25.0 to 29.9

You are overweight.

Over 30

You are obese.

Explore Weight Loss Surgery with us

We understand that trying to lose weight is complex and keeping it off is even harder. Our tailor-made and comprehensive approach to your weight loss journey is built on a foundation of compassion, excellence and experience.

Do you have any questions related to bariatric surgery in Perth? Talk to Dr Andrew Kiyingi today.

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