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Struggling with weight loss and tired of diets that just aren’t working? Ready for a change? A sleeve gastrectomy in Perth could be the solution you need. At Perth Bariatric Surgery, we understand the frustrations and challenges that come with weight loss. Our expert team offers a personalised approach, guiding you through every step of the gastric sleeve journey.

This life-changing procedure helps you achieve significant weight loss and reclaim your health and confidence. Join the many in Perth who have transformed their lives with our support. Book a consultation with lead surgeon Dr Andrew Kiyingi and take control of your future today.

How can gastric sleeve surgery change your life?

With low complication rates and lasting results, a vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a clear choice if you’re looking for a healthier, happier future.

  • Shed 60-70% of your excess weight within a year (many exceed this!)
  • Feel fuller faster with a smaller stomach and reduced hunger hormones
  • Overcome health issues like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea
  • Enjoy more energy, better mobility, and reduced joint pain
  • Experience a short operation time and straightforward recovery
  • No bands, no implants–no foreign objects at all
  • Maintain nutrient absorption without rerouting your intestines
  • Find long-term weight loss success

If you’re struggling with weight loss and ready to take the next step towards a healthier lifestyle, a sleeve gastrectomy may be the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about this revolutionary procedure and schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew Kiyingi.

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The most effective long-term weight loss solution in selected patients.

years of experience


of bariatric surgeries are gastric sleeve


excess weight loss expected

Why choose Perth Bariatric Surgery?

We know that losing weight can be tough and keeping it off is even harder. Our tailored, comprehensive approach is built on compassion, excellence, and experience to support you from start to finish.

  • Expert care: Led by specialist Dr Andrew Kiyingi, an Australian-trained specialist in advanced minimally invasive surgery.
  • Personalised approach: Custom treatment plans tailored to your needs, from consultation to recovery.
  • Proven success: High success rate in significant weight loss and health improvement.
  • Minimally invasive: Keyhole surgeries for better safety, less pain, and quick recovery.
  • Experienced team: Compassionate experts supporting you every step of the way.
Weight Loss Surgery Guide

Download our guide to weight loss surgery

Your guide to gastric sleeve surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is the top weight-loss surgery not just in Australia, but globally. In fact, it accounts for over 70% of bariatric procedures. A minimally invasive procedure, it reduces your stomach to the size of a banana (around 150-200ml) and lowers your hunger hormone levels, meaning you feel full with smaller meals.

During your sleeve gastrectomy, Dr Andrew Kiyingi inserts a narrow tube called a ‘bougie’ into your stomach as a sizing guide. He carefully staples along this guide, ensuring each staple forms a tight seal. This precise technique maximises success and minimises complications, ensuring your new stomach size is accurate for the best results.

After your surgery, you can expect significant weight loss over 12-18 months, leading to a healthier, more active lifestyle. With well over 1000 successful surgeries, Dr Andrew Kiyingi is one of Perth and Western Australia’s leading bariatric surgeons.

Before and after gastric sleeve surgery

Your Sleeve Gastrectomy Patient Journey

The FIRST step is easy. Get in touch with us at Admin@perthbariatricsurgery.com.au and request a consultation.

During your journey, you’ll meet with our entire team, including Dr Andrew Kiyingi and our specialist dietician and physician. We’ll arrange all necessary medical investigations to ensure your surgery is safe and successful.

Do I Qualify for Sleeve
Gastrectomy Surgery? (Eligibility)

Not everyone is eligible for a gastric sleeve procedure. We consider a range of factors, including weight challenges, medical conditions, and lifestyle.

  • BMI

    Over 35 qualifies you for gastric sleeve surgery. A BMI of 30.1 to 34.9 may also qualify based on a medical assessment if you have serious weight-related conditions.

  • Weight-Related Medical Conditions

    Conditions like type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, heart disease, and high blood pressure are considered when looking at eligibility.

  • Desire & Commitment

    A long-term commitment to pre- and post-surgery programs is crucial for optimal results.

  • Lifestyle

    Adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle post-surgery is essential for success. Your commitment is crucial.

Your BMI

Your BMI is

18.5 to 24.9

You have a healthy weight range for young and middle-aged adults.

25.0 to 29.9

You are overweight.

Over 30

You are obese.

Explore Weight Loss Surgery with us

We understand that trying to lose weight is complex and keeping it off is even harder. Our tailor-made and comprehensive approach to your weight loss journey is built on a foundation of compassion, excellence and experience.

Do you have any questions related to bariatric surgery in Perth? Talk to Dr Andrew Kiyingi today.


    What conditions can gastric sleeve surgery help with?

    Being overweight or obese is one of the leading risk factors for ill health in Australia. There are over 230 medical conditions linked to obesity and many people may not even be aware that they already suffer from them. Many of these conditions will have a long-term impact on your quality of life and shorten your life expectancy.

    These include:

    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Depression
    • Infertility both male and female
      • Obstructive sleep apnoea
    • Heart disease
    • High blood pressure (hypertension)
    • Stroke
    • Joint problems such as osteoarthritis and gout
    • Some cancers including breast and colon (bowel) cancer
    • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
    • Liver disease

    Bariatric surgery can help you achieve lasting results. These surgical procedures have continued to advance with research and technology and are safe and effective.

    Will I be in a lot of pain after gastric sleeve surgery?

    Our patients consistently report some of the lowest pain levels among Perth gastric sleeve patients. With a focus on effective pain management, Dr Kiyingi has fine-tuned his protocol through years of experience. Most patients typically only need simple pain relief within 72 hours of surgery.

    What is the average operating time for sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

    1–1.5 hours is the average operating time for gastric sleeve surgery.

    What do recovery time frames look like?

    The average recovery time of sleeve gastrectomy surgery varies depending on the demands of your work. On average, expect two weeks off for office-based work.

    The average length of stay in hospital after gastric sleeve surgery is 1-2 nights.

    We recommend waiting at least 10 days following gastric sleeve surgery before driving. However, if you still have pain or feel uncomfortable, it is advisable to wait a bit longer till that settles.

    What are the staples used during gastric sleeve surgery made of?

    Dr Andrew Kiyingi uses medical-grade titanium miniature staples, not like office staples. Each cartridge of the stapling device fires 108 tiny staples–so small that you won’t set off metal detectors!

    Will I need a general anaesthetic for gastric sleeve surgery?

    All weight loss surgery, including gastric sleeve surgery, is performed under general anaesthesia, ensuring you’re completely asleep during the operation. Although general anaesthesia is very safe, we take extra medical precautions to ensure you’re fully prepared for surgery.

    Can I still get pregnant after a sleeve gastrectomy?

    Yes, you can still get pregnant after a sleeve gastrectomy, but it’s recommended to wait at least 18 months post-surgery. This allows your weight to stabilise and ensures a healthy, safe pregnancy.

    If obesity-related infertility is an issue, a gastric sleeve procedure can actually help increase fertility.

    What are the post-operative side effects of a gastric sleeve?

    Post-operative side effects of a gastric sleeve can include nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, and food intolerance. Some patients may experience difficulty swallowing, dehydration, or nutrient deficiencies.

    Rarely, there’s a risk of infection, bleeding, and blood clots. Long-term effects can include changes in bowel habits and possible weight regain if dietary guidelines aren’t followed.

    It’s important to stay in close contact with your medical team to manage and mitigate these side effects.

    Learn More with our Weight Loss Blog

    Learn More with our Weight Loss Blog