Dr Andrew Kiyingi bariatric surgeon in Perth


Dr Andrew Kiyingi

MBChB, PGDipSurgAnat, Masters(Surgery), FRACS

Dr Andrew Kiyingi is a highly experienced Australian Specialist Weight-Loss and General Surgeon with advanced training in minimally invasive surgery. He operates in multiple locations across Perth, offering a wide range of Weight Loss and General surgery services, including bariatric surgery, endoscopy, and emergency surgery. Dr Kiyingi leads a team of experts who provide personalised care and empower patients to achieve optimal outcomes.

Dr Andrew Kiyingi bariatric surgeon in Perth


Dr Ben Greenwood


Dr Ben Greenwood is a highly regarded Senior Consultant Bariatric Anaesthetist. Ben has completed extensive training both local and international ensuring that your receive the safest care possible. Ben been an integral part of the Perth Bariatric Surgery providing a warm and compassionate approach to your treatment.

Dr Andrew Kiyingi bariatric surgeon in Perth


Dr Lisa Hill


Dr Lisa Hill is a Specialist Consultant Bariatric Anaesthetist. Lisa is regarding as one of WA’s most skilled anaesthetists in the management of complex anaesthesia for bariatric surgery. Lisa’s has been an integral member of Perth Bariatric Surgery, putting her patients at ease with a friendly bed-side manner and thorough approach to care.

Dr Andrew Kiyingi bariatric surgeon in Perth

Bariatric Assistant Surgeon

Dr Neil Hewett


Dr Neil Hewett is WA’s most experienced Bariatric Assistant Surgeon and arguable the friendliest face you will meet in the operating theatre. Neil has over 20 year experience in Bariatrics and has a special synergy working in partnership with Dr Andrew Kiyingi ensuring you have the best outcome from your procedure.

Dr Andrew Kiyingi bariatric surgeon in Perth

Specialist Bariatric Dietician

Rhiannon Dick

APD, MNutn&Dtcs, BNutrFoodSc

Rhiannon Dick is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and supports people through all stages of their journey with bariatric surgery. Rhiannon strives to take an empathetic, personable and patient centered approach with her clients, in assisting them to work towards reaching their health goals.
Rhiannon also specializes in coeliac disease, and gut related conditions, through her own virtual dietitian practice, GF Dietetics.