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Gastroscopy: Preparation & Medications

Gastroscopy is a common procedure that examines the lining of the oesophagus (the tube that food passes down to reach the stomach), stomach and duodenum (first portion of the small intestine). In order to do this, Dr. Andrew Kiyingi will pass a thin flexible tube camera through the mouth. This instrument called a gastroscope, and it will allow Dr. Andrew Kiyingi to view images on a video monitor. During the procedure the gastroscope will bend to follow the path of your gastrointestinal tract and blow some air to provide a clear view. The procedure is performed under twilight anaesthesia so you will be comfortable and unaware. A medical typed report of the procedure will also be sent to your GP and specialist. Some patients may notice a mild sore throat for the first day after the procedure.

  • Gastroscopy may be recommended for assessment of bleeding, upper abdominal pain, swallowing difficulty, anaemia indigestion and vomiting.

  • To make or confirm some conditions such as ulcers, tumours, Barretts disease, coeliacs disease and inflammation. Often biopsies are taken during the procedure; this is painless.

  • Gastroscopy may be also recommended before or after surgical procedures such as Bariatric (weight loss) Surgery. Dr Andrew Kiyingi qualifications as both an Endoscopist and Surgeon provides a unique skill set in assessing the anatomy and managing these complex cases.

Gastroscopy Preparation
Gastroscopy Preparation

An empty stomach allows for the best and safest examination. You will be provided with specific fasting instructions prior to undergoing your Gastroscopy.

Are You On Medication?
Are You On Medication?

Most medications can be continued as usual, but some medications can interfere with the preparation or the examination. Please bring a list of your current medications particularly aspirin, NSAIDS, anticoagulants (blood thinners such as warfarin, heparin), clopidogrel apixiban, rivaroxiban), anti-inflammatories, insulin or iron products. Also, be sure to mention the allergies you have to medications.

Do You Have Pre-existing Conditions
Do You Have Pre-existing Conditions

Please advise us if you have:

  • A Heart condition

  • Diabetes

  • Sleep Apnoea

  • Pregnancy

Dr Andrew Kiyingi


Dr. Andrew Kiyingi is the principle and founder of Perth Endoscopy Specialists who provide the highest quality Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy services in Perth both north and south of the River.

Dr Andrew Kiyingi is a Specialist Endoscopist and is certified by Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) for both Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy. He offers a range of services including:

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  • Open Access Endoscopy

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