Dr Andrew Kiyingi’s Ultimate Guide To A Gastric Sleeve Diet (Before Surgery)

by | Jul 26, 2021

Sleeve gastrectomy Surgery is life changing weight loss surgery that reduces the size of the stomach, allowing patients to eat a small portion of normal food and loose weight. If you are like many patient, then you have spent years on yo-yo diets, weight-loss pills and exercise programmes and unfortunately you have not been able to reap the weight loss rewards of your hard work. This is where Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery plays a key role in finally getting your weight loss journey heading in the right direction.

Diet Preparation Before Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Remember that weight loss surgery is not just about weight loss but more importantly improving your health. Leading up to surgery it is important modify your diet and lifestyle and start making healthy choices with regular mealtimes. Identify foods and drinks that may be sabotaging your weight loss on a day to day week to week routine and get used to replacing them with healthier choices. It could be diet soft drinks, a regular take away or a sweet treat after a long day. These small change in habits will have a big impact on your nutrition, health, and success from surgery.

Nutrition Preparation Before Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Prior to surgery you will meet with your Bariatric Dietician (dietitian) who will perform a full nutritional review. This will include a weight and diet history and nutritional blood tests (including vitamins). 70% of patients have some form of nutritional deficiency before surgery based on their diet and they don’t even know it. These pre-surgery checks are important to ensure that any nutritional issues are identified before surgery and corrected.

Pre – Gastric Sleeve Diet

Your bariatric surgical team will often recommend a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) or “Liver Shrinkage Diet. This diet is limited to no more that 800 calories 800 per day, by replacing meals with a Optifast soups, shakes, bars and vegetables. This diet has been shown to shrink the liver size, in some cases up to 20% and kick start the body’s weight loss. This makes the stomach more accessible for the surgeon and improves surgery safety. The Pre-Gastric sleeve diet takes place during the 2 – 4 weeks leading up to surgery. The first few days adjusting to the diet can be challenging but push through as your body will adapt and hunger pains will disappear. Avoid any alcohol during this time. On the final day prior to surgery, you will be switched to fluids only to ensure the stomach is empty. Good luck!

Pre-Gastric Sleeve FAQs

What happens if I don’t follow the Pre-Gastric Sleeve Surgery VLCD diet?

Failure to follow the diet may mean that your liver may be too heavy to lift up safely for surgery. This may increase the difficulty and risks during sleeve gastrectomy surgery. In extreme cases, your surgery may be cancelled. If you are struggling with the diet, contact your medical team.

Will I be able to eat normal food after Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery without Vomiting?

Absolutely. Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is designed for you to get back to normal life. Patient’s who have had surgery are able to eat normal food a lead a normal quality of life. Vomiting is not normal after surgery. Read more regarding our After Sleeve Surgery here.

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Dr. Andrew Kiyingi

Dr. Andrew Kiyingi

With 16+ year’s clinical experience, Dr Andrew Kiyingi is a specialist weight-loss surgeon at Perth Bariatric Surgery with advanced training in minimally invasive surgery. Graduated from the University of Otago (NZ), he was awarded with University Gold Medal in General Practice and Distinction in Surgery. He is also a Surgical Trainer for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.